Our Mission:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. was established to provide high functioning young adults on the Autism Spectrum with day programming services that bridge the understanding and informational gap between Autism caregivers and the social, educational and public service systems. Our mission is to provide resources for young adults with ASD, as well as a support system for their families, as they look to reach their highest aspirations imaginable.

Our Philosophy:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. provides service resources and activity gaps for young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as their family members and caregivers. Our philosophy is to be a caring and understanding guiding hand through the transition from childhood into adulthood and beyond.

Our Services:

We foster an environment where young adults with ASD can learn socialization skills, hygiene, reading, writing, money management, nutrition, safety, and personal etiquette skills to become self-sufficient adults. We focus on abilities and provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for young adults with ASD through self-acceptance and self-positivity. Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. also looks to utilize and develop their unique skills into meaningful job skills, with the ultimate goal of finding fulfillment and entering the workforce. Through friendship and a sense of belonging, we look to help each young adult with ASD to fulfill an abundant life.

Our Inspiration:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. is inspired by the extraordinary young men and women living with ASD. As the proud mother of an adult son with ASD, La Becky Roe, the founder of Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc., launched this Non-Profit Organization (501c3) in September of 2018 to share her own experiences and methods in raising her son, and to support other families in their respective journeys. She recognizes that it is never easy for the caregivers. Through communication and understanding, Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. strives to make a positive influence on the lives of young adults with ASD, and their caregivers.

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