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High Functioning Autism

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By the time they reach adulthood, most people with high-functioning autism (HFA) have successfully overcome the odds.

With support, encouragement, and resources there is no reason they can’t fully develop their potential to live a rich, abundant life.


(Name of Program?) provides high-functioning people 17+ with skills and strategies, including:

Socialization Skills
  • Self-advocacy
  • Conversational ettiquette
  • Taking turns
Educational Skills:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Critical Thinking
Life/Survival Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Money management
  • Safety
Sensory Coping Skills
  • Mood/emotion awareness
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-positivity

What Does High-Functioning Autism Look Like?

Because people living with high-functioning autism (HFA) are typically able to communicate and function well in day-to-day activities, a proper diagnosis is sometimes missed. Traits, challenges, and behaviors caused by HFA may be incorrectly diagnosed as a variety of mental/emotional/personality disorders.

While it isn’t uncommon for people with HFA to be diagnosed later in life, their symptoms must have been present since they were very young for an official ASD diagnosis.

Recognizing Potential Behaviors of ASD

High-functioning Autism is not itself an official diagnosis, but if you or a loved one is being impacted by 3 or more of the following behaviors, we urge you to submit the contact form below.

We may have information about how to get diagnosis/treatment options and available resources that could change your life!

19 Common Signs of ASD in Adults

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It Truly Takes A Village

Caregiver Support Programs

Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center was founded by La Becky Roe, the proud mom of Christopher Roe – a high-school graduate, accomplished musician, and community vounteer who far-surpassed the expectations of medical professionals who predicted he may not even recognize his own mother. 

Having helped her own son successfully navigate adolescence, La Becky is acutely aware of the level of dedication and attention required to meet the individual emotional, educational, sensory, and socialization needs of someone on the ASD Spectrum.

La Becky founded Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center to share her hard-won knowledge and experiences. A large part of her mission is to create a supportive community that provides relevant, available information, support, and resources for parents/caregivers.

Participants in the Caregiver’s Support Program receive:

A Sense of Community

Families and loved ones of our HFA clients become a part of a like-minded community offering:

  • Advocacy 
  • A support system
  • Understanding
  • Assistance
  • Information
  • Encouragement 
Relevant Skills and Knowledge

Members of our Caregivers Support Program are empowered to advocate for themselves and their loved ones via: 

  • information and educational workshops about available social, educational, and public service resources 
  • Information and assistance with the development and implementation of effective Independent Education Programs (IEP) and 504 plans 
  • Understanding, support, and resources to help you develop a respectful and productive relationship with your loved one as they transition to adulthood 

What can someone with HFA really hope to achieve?


Worldwide acclaim for the ability to draw entire skylines based solely on memory


Devising the theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe

BREANNA CLARK - Gold Medalist

Competing at the Paralympic Games, World Championships, and Parapan American Games, helping the United States win the gold medal in the 4X400 relay each time

BILL GATES - CEO, Microsoft

Cofounding Microsoft Corporation, the world’s largest personal-computer software company


Becoming the first-ever NASCAR driver to be openly diagnosed with autism


Become an international celebrity after appearing as a contestant on the third series of Britain’s Got Talen

KALIN BENNETT - College Basketball Player

Make history as the first person with autism to receive a Division 1 scholarship to play basketball


Co-create/write and star in a hit sitcom 


An impressive career as an MMA Fighter, wracking up 28 wins in 45 bouts

“Keeping Autism on the Table and in the Conversation”

In order to thrive, many people living with HFA need to find structure in a chaotic world.

It is critical that people in positions of influence – police officers, hiring managers, teachers, landlords, allies – can recognize signs of HFA and understand the unique perceptions and reactions that can result from this particular way of experiencing the world.

Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center proactively reaches out to the community to help foster this level of understanding.

Community Outreach Opportunities

La Becky Roe, a retired NYPD Police Officer and founder of Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center has years of experience both working within the system and advocating for the rights of her son, Chris.

Combining these experiences, she has successfully partnered with local organizations and stakeholders to provide information and insight into the needs, perspectives, and challenges of people living with ASD.

La Becky is very interested in partnering with local community, educational, and business leaders to increase the general overall understanding of this growing demographic.

Interested? Please contact us today for more information.

Our Community Partners, Awards, and Events


Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center is committed to providing quality events for our clients. We are honored to have partnered with local community organizations and greatly appreciate the recognition we have received.

 Our Partnerships


Our Awards

2021 Community Organization Award

2021 Dr. Annie Lawrence Mental Health Award

2021 Supporter of the Year Award


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