Quick Overview

Quick Overview:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center is Transforming Autism Conversations by increasing public awareness of the condition through community partnerships. We are helping young adults with ASD to become more autonomous and increasing their ability to work, learn and integrate more fully into their communities. This will occur through skill-building, training, guidance and encouragement in a safe, structured and nurturing environment. 

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center was established 2018 with the goal of providing continued learning and growth opportunities for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder beyond high school and into the rest of their lives. Our services will include: 

• Socialization

• Life Skills Training

• Self Advocacy

• Job Readiness

• Sensory Sensitivity Management

• Personal Safety & Boundaries

• Arts & Crafts

• Recreational Activities

• Media Room

Support Groups & Education for Caregivers & Participants  see Gallery Page