Self Advocacy

Life Skills:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. works to facilitate learning around key areas of personal and vocational skills, including boundaries, personal hygiene, and personal safety.

With services that encourage individualized growth for interpersonal skills, personal management, practical living, and personal wellness, our life skills programs give young adults with ASD the tools they need to live a productive and fulfilling life.

These programs are presented with a wide array of skill-building opportunities, encouraging functional independence and productivity for a better quality of life.

Media Room:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. provides a learning environment that facilitates a healthy setting for media and Internet usage. The Internet can be a scary and dangerous place.

We offer user-friendly computers and tablets with the latest software. Our programs utilize real world scenarios and social interactions to better prepare young adults with ASD for the media community surrounding them.

From television, social media, the movies, the Internet, and more, Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. gives young adults the necessary awareness of the content they will encounter online, and how to safely navigate that content.

Sensory Room:

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. will work with your family and your lovedone with ASD to identify their sensory triggers, and develop methods to effectively manage them.

With the latest advancements in ASD sensory equipment and technology, we provide accurate research and data with each experience. Our sensory room is therapeutic for young adults with sensory processing disorders.

SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder is a neurophysiological condition in which the brain struggles to appropriately interpret and process information that comes though the five senses. Using sensory equipment and activities we will target the sensory processing difficulties specific to your loved one.

Let’s Talk About It…The Autism Center, Inc. offers soft pads, calming music, rocking chairs, noise cancelling headphones, dim lights, cushions, padded walls, weighted vests, balance beams, water beads, bean bags, essential oils, and other sensory equipment. 

These tools are designed and utilized to enhance motor skills, and help your loved one to better regulate and manage their response to sensory stimulation. Some improve muscle tone and build coordination, gross and fine motor skills, improve physical mobility, and increase endurance.